gluten free toast and cheese recipe (10 minute meal)

Okay, I know what you are thinking. That sounds weird. And the pictures are not the best either because white cheese doesn't photograph as well as the fake, processed Garfield-orange color of American cheese. But I promise, this snack is so delicious and it allows those of us who are free of gluten to have toast again! When I was in college, my favorite late night selection at the diner was toast and tea. I know what you are thinking. Late night diner? She must be from NJ. Well, I am and darn proud of it. I will pause here for stereotypical jokes...go on....I will wait.  I bet you also find my past choices in late night snacks are synonymous with an old lady. Toast, butter and tea? I have always been a little old lady at heart, curled up with a blanket , a hot cup of tea and a good book.

Now that you know a little more about me, whether you wanted to or not, you will believe that I know my toast and will try and love this snack.  #feelingsnacky

Gluten Free English Muffins from Trader Joe's

Serves: 1

Prep & Cook Time: 5 minutes

From Trader Joe's:

  • 1 Gluten Free English Muffin
  • 2 Slices Dutch Goat Cheese
  • 1 tsp. Earth Balance Buttery Spread

Kitchen Gadgets:

  • Toaster Oven
  • Aluminum Foil

Cooking Instructions:

  • Slice the English muffin in half and pop it in the toaster oven. I always toast on high because gluten free bread tends to taste better when it is crispy.
  • Once the toaster dings, take the two halves out and add the tiny bit of buttery spread to make it melty. Place each half on a piece of aluminum foil (to catch the melted cheese!) and then top them with the cheese slices.
  • Broil in the toaster oven for about a minute, or until the cheese is melted. (Tip: If you don't have a toaster oven, use a toaster for the English muffin and a broiler or microwave when you add the cheese. No aluminum foil in the microwave, though!).
  • Serve it as a snack, a side for soup, breakfast and even lunch.

Gluten Free English Muffins with Melted Goat Cheese

Who knew gluten free English muffins could have nooks and crannys?! Thomas's were always a staple item in my shopping cart since I enjoyed them for breakfast, snacks and even with lunch or dinner. I wonder if my excessive consumption helped lead to my break up with gluten... Either way, I am happy to enjoy this snack, especially now that I have found goat cheese slices as a replacement for processed cheese made with cow's milk. This was a big change for me. I used to have a bad habit of eating 1/4 lb. of Land O' Lakes yellow American cheese in one sitting. Things sure have changed but snack time has made a (healthy) comeback in my house :)