gluten free mac and cheese (10 minute meal)

Okay, so macaroni and cheese is not healthy ...but sometimes you just need a little comfort food. Smiling, happy kids and mac and cheese are synonymous, which is . When you just can't fight the craving, try Amy's Gluten Free Macaroni and Cheese for a reduced guilt, sensibly portioned meal. I advise my dairy free friends to look away... #feelinglikeakidagain

Gluten Free Mac and Cheese!

My posts will rarely be rooted in microwaves and excessive amounts of cheese, but there are exceptions to every rule. Macaroni and cheese is one of the many nostalgic childhood meals that keeps you warm on a cold day and makes you smile. There are not many (good) gluten free options out there but this is a great fix when I have a craving. 

Amy's gluten free rice macaroni and cheese is made with organic ingredients and when you check out the label, you can actually pronounce every word. It is certainly not dairy free or "healthy," but it contains far less fat and calories than the mac and cheese you enjoyed as a kid. So heat it up and enjoy! No additional ingredients necessary unless you love Cholula's hot sauce or Frank's Red Hot Buffalo as much as I do. Add a few shakes, mix it in and kick it up a notch.


Jessica Flatley

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