Gluten free? Dairy free? No sugar?!?

These words ruined my life. Until I made lemons out of lemonade... 

My Mission

My goal is not to impress you with fancy photos and intricately designed recipes. It is to help you establish a new relationship with the foods that will make you look and feel great! We are in this together, so let's do this!

Diet & Lifestyle

All of my recipes are gluten free. Refined sugar is never allowed but natural sweeteners are, in moderation. While I am not vegetarian or Paleo,  some recipes naturally meet the needs of those lifestyles!

Simplicity is Key

My goal is to keep the list of ingredients short, manageable and easy to find. All recipes are geared toward our busy lives, especially the 10 minute meals and healthy packaged food reviews.

Professional Training 

While I am a lot of things, I am not a trained chef or photographer. Join me on this journey and you, too, can be a happier, healthier, you! Believe me, if can do it, even Holly can!


Speaking of Holly... she is my adorable Norwich terrier who moonlights as a taste tester. If a recipe is "Holly Approved," you know it has got to be good and worth the time to try!